Okay I'll write it more thoroughly.

USDT Daily offers users a static daily ROI of 3% and 4% with the Hermanos Pass.

  1. Get USDT, approve and deposit your desired amount.

    • The minimum is 10 USDT.

    • Dev fee is 8%. After a deposit of 100 USDT, only 92 USDT will be reflected on your account. Let's keep the numbers real.

  2. Compound and build a strategy!

    • Most investors might go with the "one-time deposit and withdraw tf out" strategy, but that ain't the best one. This is a game and you might be staking your hard-earned greens. Be wise. Be smart. The compound button is there for a reason. Make a chart or spreadsheet and get those numbers crunching!

  3. Withdraw your daily returns.

    • The first withdraw is available anytime. Afterwards, there is a 24-hour cooldown on withdrawals.

  4. Referrals

    • Referrals are limited to only 1 Level, 5% of every deposit your friend makes.

    • Your referral bonuses could get so much higher than your deposits!

    • A deposit must be made for the referral system to work.

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